Service Privilege Plan

Service Privilege Plan

Our Service Plan is a simple, flexible way to budget for future servicing and MOTs, by spreading the cost throughout the year in interest-free monthly instalments - just like you would for any other household bill.

Our plans are inflation-proof and unlike other service providers you can sign up yearly and you are not tied in for 2-3 years. If you change your car within that time, it can be transferred. The Service Plan include the price of parts, labour, oil and VAT.

Unlike other service plans on the market, BS Car Services prides itself on the fact that you will receive a full service every year and not smaller versions like other providers that use this service to make money and not to help their customer budget.

Not only will this help you to budget it will also make you eligible to receive other privileges for be a valued customer.

Please Contact us to find out more information and to sign up today.


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