Carbon Cleaning

Carbon Cleaning

Is your vehicle running at peak performance? Are you experiencing a lack of power, sluggish acceleration, rough idling, engine cutting out, excessive noise or increased emissions? Perhaps you have issues with your catalytic converter, DPF, turbo or EGR valve, or you are experiencing excessive smoke from the exhaust, flat spots or reduced throttle response?

The fact is you may have many of the above issues and don’t realise it. BS Carbon Clean offers the latest hydrogen engine cleaning technology for both the motor-trade, domestic and commercial customers by giving your engine a much-needed carbo detox. Using our innovative Engine Carbon cleaning services, up to 75% of Carbon deposits are removed from within your engine, with no engine dismantling required, and allowing your engine to breathe and perform as it was designed to. Once completed it will be like driving a much newer vehicle, you will experience the benefits immediately after the clean.

What is Carbon Cleaning?

When burning fuel in a petrol, diesel or LPG engine, small amounts of carbon residue are produced and some of these carbon particles cling to the internal components and airways within the engine. Over time these carbon particles build-up and form a crusty residue over the working parts within your engine. Valves, pistons, turbo-vanes and EGR valves are all at risk of being affected by excessive carbon deposits.

This carbon build-up reduces the efficiency and performance of an engine, shortens the life-cycle of engine parts, decreases fuel economy and increases a vehicle’s emissions. With our modern style of driving, congested roads, and stop-start lifestyles the issue of carbon build-up within an engine more evident now.

Our Carbon Cleaning machine is fast, efficient, and completely safe. The machine automatically manages the hydrogen pulse into the engine. The effects of injecting Oxy-hydrogen makes it possible to raise the combustion temperature to trigger a pyrolysis, a chemical reaction that vaporises, and eliminates carbon deposits. We simply insert a tube from our engine-decarbonising machine into the air intake duct of an engine and leave the process to run. The average vehicle takes 30-45 minutes to be cleaned. Prices vary from £75 – £100 for a standard Carbon clean, commercial, plant and boats are normally charged at a much higher rate.


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